Brunello di Montalcino Caparzo 2014 6 x 0,750 Lt


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Brunello di Montalcino docg 2014

Wine history and details

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 The first vintage of Brunello di Montalcino Caparzo is dated 1970, years in which the situation of the denomination was totally different from the current one.  At the time, in fact, the cellars existing in Montalcino were only 13, and this figure places Caparzo among the companies historical in the production of Brunello.  The particularity of Brunello di Montalcino Caparzo is certainly the origin of Sangiovese.  In fact, the company is one of the very few wineries in Montalcino which boasts the ownership of vineyards in the different geographical areas of the territory of
 production.  What may appear to be a simple detail actually turns out to be a
 important plus, given that thanks to the different positions of the Caparzo vineyards it can exploit at most the different microclimates and terroirs present in Montalcino.  Grapes harvested in the vineyards distributed throughout the territory, they are carefully selected so as to create the conditions for
 a complex wine that combines all the characteristics that make Brunello one of the
 most appreciated wines in the world.
 -Locality "Caparzo", altitude 220 meters, north zone: 8 hectares.  Land: Pliocene formation,
 sedimentary, sandy-clayey.
 -Location "La Caduta", altitude 300 meters, southwest area: 7 hectares.  Terrain: training
 schistose arenaceous, loose and rich in skeleton.
 - Locality "Il Cassero", altitude 270 meters, southern area: 6 hectares.  Land: Pliocene formation a sandy-stony or schist-clayey matrix.
 -Locality San Piero - Caselle altitude 250 meters, east zone: 2 hectares.  Soil: sandy
 COLLECTION: manual.
 ALCOHOLIC FERMENTATION: particular attention during the first two days of the period fermentative with grape seeds which are eliminated if they are not revealed sufficiently mature.  The operation is possible thanks to our fermentation technologically advanced.  Alcoholic fermentation lasts 7 days at temperature controlled between 28 and 30 ° C followed by delestage and replacements.  Being in the presence of particularly valuable peels are extended the period of contact with the same for others 10/15 days.
 MALOLACTIC FERMENTATION: spontaneous, at a controlled temperature between 20 and 24 ° C,
 and immediately following the drawing off.
 REFINEMENT IN WOOD: minimum 2 years.
 REFINEMENT IN BOTTLE: minimum 4 months.
 ACIDITY: between 5 and 5.5 ‰
 AGING CAPACITY: Over 30 years.
 COLOR: ruby ​​red, tending to garnet with aging.
 PERFUME: penetrating bouquet, very broad and varied, with memories of wild berries.
 TASTE: dry, warm, well supported, harmonious, delicate and austere at the same time
 GASTRONOMIC COMBINATIONS: roasts, grilled and spit-roasted meats, game, braised meats,
 mature cheeses.
 SERVING TEMPERATURE: 18 ° C, better if uncorked 1 - 2 hours before serving.

Shipping fares 

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EU Countries (but Bulgaria, Romania 

1 кутия (6 бутилки) = 
2 кутии (12 бутилки) =
3 кутии (18 бутилки)
4 кутии (24 бутилки)
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6 кутии (36 бутилки) = 95€ 

1 box (6 bottles) = 27€
2 boxes (12 bottles) = 45€
3 boxes (18 bottles) = 57€
4 boxes (24 bottles) = 68€
5 boxes (30 bottles) = 77€
6 bottles (36 bottles) = 81€