Chianti Classico Borgo Scopeto 2015 Gallo Nero 6 x 0,75 Lt


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Chianti Classico Gallo Nero, one of most appreciated wines in the world. The red heart of Tuscany. 

Wine history and skills

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 The vineyards are located at an altitude between 360 and 450 meters above sea level;  the perfect exposures and the optimal compositions of the soils identify the characteristics of this wine.
 The label that characterizes all the wines of Borgo Scopeto represents the historical inhabited nucleus of the estate, which for centuries belonged to the illustrious Sozzini dynasty of Siena.  The residence
 manor house and the farmers' houses have developed around the beautiful tower plan
 rectangular that still preserves the original scarp wall covering on the base.  On the
 north side the lowered arched windows and the arch-arquebus archer are visible, while the rest of the tower has undergone various renovations over the centuries.  Today Borgo Scopeto, after a careful conservative restoration, it has been transformed into a relais, and has become one of the most
 exclusive places to stay in the Chianti Classico area, offering its guests an experience
 unique (
 ALCOHOLIC FERMENTATION: separate fermentation for the various grapes with a duration of 6 days at 28-30 ° C followed by delestage and replacements.  Being in the presence of skins particularly valuable is extended the period of contact with them for another 10 days.
 ACIDITY: 5.40 ‰
 AGING CAPACITY: 10 years.
 COLOR: deep ruby ​​red.
 AROMA: ample and intense but at the same time sweet and fruity, with notes of small fruits
 blacks of the forest.  Pleasant hint of noble wood, vanilla and cocoa, with a surprising finish
 of cherry.
 TASTE: dry, well structured, austere and elegant;  good harmony.  Excellent
 persistence on the palate.
 COMBINATIONS: wine for the whole meal, particularly suitable to accompany soups
 dry, all kinds of meat and medium-aged cheeses.

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